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Le Centre du Monde

Le Centre du Monde is a restaurant, club and bar located in the heart of Paris, only 150m away from the Notre Dame Cathedral. Our establishment is ideal for visitors as well as for Parisians.
We also work with tourist agencies and organise group receptions for up to 60 people.
Please contact us to discuss your needs.



Restaurant, Club and Bar Le Centre du Monde is located in the heart of Paris. The establishment is the ideal meeting place for visitors and Parisians thanks to all the services it provides. You will get to taste homemade French cuisine with a dash of exotic flavours, all served in a one-of-a-kind atmosphere reflecting the history and culture of Paris.
Come visit us and let us take your senses on a fabulous journey.

Located 150m away from the Notre Dame Cathedral, you will have an easy access to every corner of paris from here. The Île de la Cité on the Seine river, the Latin Quarter, the Saint-Michel foutain, or the Sorbonne: everything is near the Center of the World!

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Club – La Bibliothèque

Club – La Bibliothèque

Under the Center of the World, you’ll find a hidden bar, “La Bibliothèque”. Live music, concerts, dance sessions, private parties or even art events: Everything is possible!
To stay updated on the bar’s activity, you can check our Events calendar.

You are a promoter or fancy organising the event by yourself? Our club is equiped with everything you might need for your event, whether it is a DJ set, an overhead, or anything else! We also cater for all kinds of occasions.

Open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8:00pm to 02:00pm. You can book your event from Monday to Sunday, at any time you wish.

Contact us to discuss your event requirements.

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Mona Lisa – art project

Mona Lisa – art project

“Mona Lisa art project” is an artwork in progress at Le Centre du Monde. This Worlds most famous painting has become the most reproduced work of art of all times. Post-conceptual artist Milan Atanaskovic, would like to mix that star-dust with you. Become a part of the contemporary art by sharing your face with Mona Lisa’s. Like our facebook page and upload your Mona Lisa photo, tag it and we will move it to a FB album Monalisa Art Project. Gioconda’s home, Le Louvre is only a short 10min walk from here.

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Special Christmas and New Year’s Eve menus! Book a table now !

Special Christmas and New Year’s Eve menus! Book a table now !

The Centre du Monde will offer exceptional menus for Christmas as well as New Years’s eve.[add_reservation_form header=”Book a table now!” subheader=”reserve your table now” lang=’L1′]